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Philip Poynter

Welcome to PP Construction Safety – the chosen route by which construction clients, designers, advisers and contractors keep up-to-date on the latest news and critical health and safety management issues.

News and Comment is open to all visitors and our tailored Health and Safety Assistance service is suitable for both large and smaller businesses in construction and other sectors.

Both services were launched by Philip Poynter MSc CMIOSH OSHCR in 2007 following his extensive experience as a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Principal Inspector regulating construction and many other service and manufacturing industries.

Latest News and Comment

The frequently updated News and Comment pages cover issues affecting all those involved with UK construction projects. The website content is always topical, relevant and authoritative. Our popular regular email provides a quick summary of recently published News with links to full stories.

Health and Safety Assistance

We provide advice, investigation, review and training services designed around your needs and budget. Our clients are guaranteed a prompt and informed response at all times and are attracted by the clear, direct and uncomplicated style that is the hallmark of our services.

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