What is RSS?

What is syndicated content (RSS)?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS), or syndicated content, is a popular way to distribute information from websites.

Using RSS, a news site or a blog can feed it’s news articles or entries to a group of subscribers automatically. RSS is still new and as a result, not all websites can publish in RSS. However, there are thousands of RSS sources which can be found on websites all over the world.

How do I use RSS?

You need an RSS reader; this may be a dedicated program or plug-in, an on-line service or browser plug-in. This functionality is included in Microsoft Outlook 2007. View details of just some of the many different RSS Readers available.

RSS readers allow you to find feeds and subscribe to them in order that the content is delivered to you and typically involves no user registration or fee.

Once you have subscribed to an RSS feed, every time a new entry or article is published to the Web a link to the entry or article is added to your reader. When you see an item that interests you, just click it to view the full article.

There is an article on the BBC website that provides more information about RSS feeds.