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    SCOSS issues alert on stability/integrity of steel frame structures

    The Structural-Safety website combining CROSS (Confidential reporting on structural safety) and SCOSS (Standing committee on structural safety) issues regular newsletters and includes a data base of reports, alerts and other publications.

    Alert dated February 2017 entitled SCOSS Alert structural stability/integrity of steel frame buildings in their temporary and permanent condition has now been published. SCOSS state:

    “There are occasional collapses of steel frame structures during construction and this Alert is to draw attention to matters which need to be borne in mind.

    CROSS has had several reports about concerns which could have led to failure and actual failures.  An example is the failure which took place on 31 January 2012 when the City Gates Church building frame collapsed catastrophically.

    This Alert is aimed at designers, steelwork fabricators, main contractors, building control officers and approved inspectors. It applies to permanent and temporary buildings particularly those with unusual features such as elements supported by hangers or cantilevers, where partial, or local failure could lead to more widespread catastrophic collapse.

    Considerations to avoid collapse are discussed. Factors to consider prior to construction and during the construction are given.”

    Temporary works survey

    A researcher has contacted us recently regarding a study entitled – The Management of Temporary Works on Civil Engineering Projects.  The main thrust of the project is to compare legislative requirements with on-site practice and discuss divergences.

    The researcher has a program of interviews with site personnel and designers and the online questionnaire has been sent to members of Temporary Works Forum.

    You can have your input by clicking on this link.



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