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    Driver died after lorry mounted crane struck overhead cable

    It has been reported by the BBC that an inquest jury in Norwich has returned a conclusion of misadventure after Gary Henry, aged 52, died as a result of electrocution when the crane jib of his truck hit overhead power cables.

    Mr Henry was operating the lorry when the jib came it made contact with cables at a builders’ yard in Frettenham, near Norwich in November 2015.

    The owner of the yard told the inquest that Mr Henry was “shaking” at the controls after “being electrocuted”.

    Warned about the cables

    The BBC reports that Adrian Dolman (owner of T&C Construction (SE)) says in a written statement that he hired Mr Henry to move a storage unit and “warned him about the power cables”.

    Mr Dolman declined to answer questions after being advised of a risk of self-incrimination by Coroner Jacqueline Lake at Norfolk Coroner’s Court.

    HSE Inspector Keith Waller told the inquest that Mr Dolman could have arranged for the cables to be disconnected by UK Power Networks ahead of the work taking place.

    He added that the HSE investigation had concluded both Mr Dolman and Mr Henry “did not assess the risk of the situation appropriately”.


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