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    Permanent works design must consider temporary works safety

    A significant number of serious incidents occur in the construction sector because of inadequate temporary works design, implementation or maintenance.

    Temporary works cover a wide field of activity and are the parts of a construction project that are needed to enable the permanent works to be built.  Usually the TW are removed after use e.g. access scaffolds, props, shoring, excavation support, falsework and formwork, etc.  Sometimes the TW is incorporated into the permanent works – e.g. haul road foundations and crane or piling platforms may be used for hard-standing or road foundations.

    It is important to recognise that permanent works designers have responsibilities with regard to temporary works which are covered by the CDM Regulations 2015.

    PW designers have TW legal obligations

    A paper by John Carpenter, CEng, FICE, CFIOSH (July 2016) is available to download free from the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) website entitled The Role and Responsibilities of Permanent Works Designers with regard to Temporary Work.

    The paper is written to “assist permanent works designers (PWD) in their legal obligations in relation to temporary works, stemming from CDM2015, and also to demonstrate the wider project benefits of careful consideration”.

    The advice is also designed to be of use to Principal Designers (a legally required client CDM 2015 appointment on most projects) and to Clients concerning what should be expected of PWDs on their projects.

    Note: the definition of temporary works adopted by TWf includes interim states of the permanent works and the loading of the permanent works by temporary construction loads.


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