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    hselogo1Unannounced inspections followed up with supply chain to ‘reinforce’ duties

    HSE has announced that Construction Division Inspectors will be carrying out visits to construction project sites where refurbishment projects or repair works are underway.

    The targeted unannounced visits are being undertaken as a series of two week inspections across the country, beginning 3 October 2016 ending 4 November 2016.

    Where serious breaches of legislation are found then immediate Enforcement Action will be taken. This might include formal written advice, improvement or prohibition notices and / or legal proceedings. In all these cases it is likely that a Fee for Intervention financial charge will also be imposed.

    Inspectors will also be taking steps to secure a positive change in behaviour to ensure on-going compliance. This is to ensure that all dutyholders with on site health and safety responsibilities understand and fulfil their duties.

    Contraventions of health and safety requirements which appear to involve client and designer duties will also be followed up to reinforce the duties of clients and designers (including Principal Designers) under CDM 2015.

    Safety AND Health

    During this period inspectors will ensure high-risk activities, particularly those affecting the health of workers, are being properly managed. These include:

    • Construction Dust – risks to health from exposure to dust e.g. silica are being controlled. HSE has published the Guidance to Inspectors on inspecting and enforcing on construction dust risks¬†where inadequate standards of control are found;
    • Asbestos – workers are aware of where they may find asbestos, and what to do if they find asbestos and that other health risks e.g. noise and vibration, manual handling and hazardous substances are properly managed;
    • Work at Height – jobs that involve working at height have been identified and properly planned to ensure that appropriate precautions are in place;
    • Equipment equipment is correctly installed / assembled, inspected and maintained and used properly; and
    • Good Order – sites are well organised, to avoid trips and falls, walkways and stairs are free from obstructions and welfare facilities are adequate

    You can follow the SaferSites Facebook page to see what inspectors find on site and keep updated throughout the initiative.

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