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    Simple 3 page guide maps out key actions required across the project team

    The CDM Regulations 2015 are taking time to ‘bed down’ as demonstrated by the responses to our recent CDM 2015 Five Minute Survey. See below. We hear and read reports of uncertainty and confusion despite the presence of extensive HSE and Industry Guidance explaining the regulations.

    We therefore decided to summarise the key actions required by CDM 2015 mapped out across all project team members from client to contractor.

    Our three page CDM 2015 Compliance Checklist enables all parties to see the actions they must take and how other project members must contribute to those key actions.

    The checklist follows the publication of our ’10 Killer Questions’ for:

    These questions are those most likely to be asked by HSE during a routine project intervention or incident investigation. The strength and veracity of your answers may affect the prospect of enforcement action by the regulator.

    CDM 2015 Information and Templates

    See our initial CDM 2015 Survey taken after 6 months and our further survey taken 12 months after the CDM Regulations 2015 came into operation.

    We have published a great deal of further information and templates designed to support Clients, Designers, Principal Designers/Contractors and Contractors in meeting their duties under CDM Regulations 2015.

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