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    Principal Designers prepare to take over HSF duties under CDM 2015

    The CDM Regulations 2015 place responsibility for preparing the CDM Health and Safety File (HSF) on the Principal Designer (PD).

    The HSF must be appropriate to the characteristics of the project and contain information relating to the project which is likely to be needed during any subsequent construction project to ensure the health and safety of any person.

    The PD must ensure the HSF is appropriately reviewed, updated and revised from time to time to take account of the work and any changes that have occurred.

    Convenient form, clear, concise and easily understandable

    There should be enough detail to allow the likely risks to be identified and addressed by those carrying out the work and be proportionate to those risks.

    We have prepared a Health and Safety File Template based on the requirements of CDM 2015 and the associated HSE Legal Guidance.

    HSE stress that the HSF should not include things that will be of no help when planning future construction work such as pre-construction information, the construction phase plan, contractual documents, safety method statements etc.

    Information must be in a convenient form, clear, concise and easily understandable.

    CDM 2015 Information and Templates

    See CDM 2015 Survey Results for the findings of our CDM 2015 Five Minute Online Survey.

    We have published a great deal of further information and templates designed to support Clients, Designers, Principal Designers/Contractors and Contractors in meeting their duties under CDM Regulations 2015.


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