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    Clients assume legal responsibility for providing project information

    The CDM Regulations 2015 will pass responsibility for assembling project pre-construction information from the former CDM-C to the project Client assisted by the Principal Designer when appointed.

    The project Clients must provide the Pre-Construction Information (PCI) as soon as is practicable to every designer and contractor appointed (or being considered) to the project.

    PCI is information in possession of the Client, or which is reasonably obtainable by or their behalf, which is relevant to the construction work and of an appropriate level of detail and proportionate to the risks involved.

    The PCI must include:

    • Planning and management of the project;
    • Health and safety hazards, including design and construction hazards and how they will be addressed; and
    • Information in any existing health and safety file.

    The HSE CDM Regulations Legal Guide Appendix 2 elaborates further on the above.

    Pre-Construction Information Template

    We have prepared a PCI Template based on the requirements of CDM 2015 and the HSE Legal Guide as a convenient way for Clients and the PD to structure their assembly PCI.

    HSE state that the PCI should be gathered and added to “as the design process progresses and reflect new information about the risks to health or safety and how they should be managed”.

    Preliminary information gathered at the start of the project is “unlikely to be sufficient.”

    CDM 2015 Information and Templates

    See CDM 2015 Survey Results for the findings of our CDM 2015 Five Minute Online Survey.

    We have published a great deal of further information and templates designed to support Clients, Designers, Principal Designers/Contractors and Contractors in meeting their duties under CDM Regulations 2015.



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