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    Luffing jib TC collapsed on London apartment project

    It has been reported that a ‘luffer’ erected on a four-storey block of flats project in North London occurred on Friday 29th April.

    It is being speculated that the luffing jib hoist brake or cable gave way, allowing the jib to drop.

    There no injuries although the tip of jib struck a house causing the police to evacuate a family from the building.

    HSE visited the site which is reported to be operated by Essex company Clarke Design and Build.

    A local witness said:

    “We didn’t hear or see anything but the first we knew of it was when a customer came into the shop and said a crane has just come down next door. Then we saw the police turn up and went out to have a look.

    Part of the crane was hanging down and had fallen on the building next door. They have blocked the area off now so we can’t see anything at the moment.” 



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