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    New industry guidance will spell out CDM client role in prevention  

    The Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) advises HSE on the protection of people at work and the public from hazards within the building, civil engineering and engineering construction industry.

    The membership (see below) provides representation from key industry stakeholders and was reconstituted at the beginning of 2013 with a refreshed membership.

    HSE works in partnership with CONIAC and other industry groups to take forward the HSE preventive strategy.

    Priority to be given to fragile roof safety

    The CONIAC Safety Working Group (SWG) has now reported that the group has turned its attention from work at height generally to falls through fragile roofs.

    The group has identified the need for very simple guidance aimed primarily at clients which sets out their responsibilities and relates them to complementary duties of those undertaking the work. The group is discussing a draft and working on a distribution plan.

    Deaths caused by falls through fragile surfaces are the biggest single cause of construction fatal falls and related prosecutions dominate the cases taken by HSE Construction Groups.

    The proposed guidance will probably encourage the adoption of work practices which involve working from below fragile surfaces. 

    SWG wants to emphasise the need to develop a CONIAC “brand” to facilitate publication of guidance.

    Additionally, SWG is watching progress of the Strategic Forum for Construction Plant Safety Working Group on various pieces of guidance, including:

    • plant operator competence (awaiting HSE clearance);
    • managing ground conditions; and
    • revised guidance on telehandlers. 


    CONIAC Members/Observers


    Name Organisation
    Alan Muddiman Civil Engineering Contractors Association
    Steve Murphy UCATT
    Andrew Butt Observer for Office of Government Commerce
    David Parsons National Federation of Builders
    Gilbert Barron Observer for Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
    Edward Fendt Specialist Engineering Contractors Group
    Richard Habgood Construction Industry Council
    Jason Rowley UK Contractors Group
    John Scott National Specialist Contractors Council
    Kevin Fear ConstructionSkills
    Kevin Minton Construction Plant-hire Association
    Clive Johnson Construction Clients’ Group
    Kevin Williamson Unite (Amicus section)
    Paul Haxell Home Builders Federation
    Peter Caplehorn Construction Industry Council
    Jerry Nelson GMB
    Rob Gutteridge Federation of Master Builders
    Heather Bryant (Chair) Health and Safety Executive
    Richard Ash Engineering Construction Industry Association
    Susan Murray Unite (T&G section)

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