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    Stability compromised by incorrect measurement of boom sensors

    Safety Alert FOD 1 – 2014 has been published by HSE following the death of workman during operation of a Genie Z135/70 mobile elevating work platform (MEWP). The MEWP became unstable and overturned whilst it was working at or very close to its maximum height.

    The emerging findings from the HSE investigations into the death indicate that the operational stability of a Genie Z135/70 MEWP may be “compromised by the incorrect measurement of the boom angle sensors”.

    HSE state the following action is required:

    “The manufacturer’s safety notice should be followed. Any machines for which the required calibration checks have not been completed should be removed from service.

    Following the completion of checks, the machines should continue to be inspected, serviced and maintained as per the manufacturer’s requirements.

    Work regarding the manufacturer’s safety notice should only be carried out in accordance with the recommendations in the machine service manual i.e. on firm level ground, with suitable environmental conditions etc.

    Prior to any functional checks being undertaken by an operator using the platform controls, as part of the manufacturer’s listed inspections, calibration of the angle sensors should be confirmed from ground level using an inclinometer. The use of test weights might also be appropriate.”


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