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    Jury hears of death after removal of panel during maintenance

    The Guardian has reported on the trial of maintenance worker, Robert Warner, aged 45, following the death of a two-year-old child who fell from the walkway of a block of flats after a glass panel was removed.

    The court was told that Rayaheen Banimuslem slipped through a gap after Robert Warner removed the glass from a barrier on the building in Sheffield city centre. She died almost instantly when she fell on 27 June 2012.

    Bryan Cox QC, prosecuting, said Rayaheen had been playing in an outdoor garden area on the fourth floor of the block with her mother and others when she strayed along a walkway.

    At the end of the walkway there was a gap in the barrier because a glass panel had been removed. He added:

    “She made her may along the walkway to the point where the panel had been removed and passed through the gap in the barrier and fell to her death.

    There was nothing to prevent her from walking or running off the end of the walkway, as she plainly did.

    This accident was caused by the defendant’s negligent conduct. In essence, the prosecution contend that he removed the barrier from the walkway and failed to replace it.

    He did nothing to prevent access to the walkway, thereby creating a very dangerous situation. He did nothing to warn of the obvious dangers.”

    The Guardian state that Cox told the jury Warner “stood to gain financially” from replacing one panel with another. The prosecutor said this was because the defendant submitted an invoice to Allsop Residential Investment Management – the firm that managed the building – claiming he had bought a glass panel.

    Robert Warner, of Shiregreen, Sheffield, denies a single charge of manslaughter by gross negligence. The trial continues.

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