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    Collapse of tower crane jib on new Croydon tower block

    It has been reported by Vertikal.com that a Jost tower crane jib has collapsed (26/01) on a construction project in Croydon, London during a storm.

    The crane is sited on a new 20 storey tower block known as the IYLO building which has remained unfinished for some time and is planned to provide low-cost homes. Work restarted on the tower in 2013 after construction stopped in June 2011 when the previous investors ran into financial difficulties.

    The site has now been renamed the Island and is being developed by Regency Homes.

    There are no reports of injury although 15 ambulances and a helicopter are said to have attended the scene.

    The crane is reported to be a Jost JTL 158 and Vertikal state “it looks as though the jib in its out of service position did not fully ‘weathervane’ resulting in strong side loadings that parted the jib’s two lower chords.”

    The London Fire Brigade said:

    “The high rise building on Wellesley Road is under construction and the crane’s jib is believed to have snapped. A safety cordon was put in place and specialist crane engineers were called to secure the structure. There were no reports of any injuries.”

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