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    hselogo1HSE remind businesses to display new version by April 2014

    HSE has issued a reminder that the ‘new’ 2009 health and safety law poster replaces the version published in April 1999 and must be displayed from 5 April 2014.

    As well as a download, the new 2009 leaflet is also available as a pocket card and replaces the leaflet published in 1999.

    New health and safety law posterHSE report that research showed that the 1999 versions of the law poster and law leaflet were “visually unappealing and rarely read”. The new versions are designed to be more “readable and engaging”.

    The poster and leaflet are available in a range of formats as part of the HSE commitment to make health and safety information more accessible.

    The 2009 poster and leaflet also reflect changes in the law to reduce the administrative cost to employers of having to provide additional written information on the poster or with the leaflet, and having to keep this information up to date.

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