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    http://gallery.mailchimp.com/6ec39ba95ce261d16ad0e8544/images/3T_2_small.jpg?utm_source=Non+Feature+Media+Contacts+TW&utm_campaign=7f1079f031-Attention_PASMA_Training_Centres_8_2_2012&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9bcaafa1d5-7f1079f031-99893497PASMA 10% rise in demand highlights commitment to training

    It has been reported by PASMA that in 2013 their training centres were responsible for training over 65,000 people to work at height safely “hitting a new record for the mobile access tower association”. This is an increase of almost 10% from 2012’s figure.

    PASMA training courses and card are a recognised industry standard which is increasingly specified to demonstrate proof of competence when using mobile access towers.

    During 2013 PASMA agreed a partnership with Scotland’s electrical trade association SELECT to make tower training more accessible to the electrical industry. The body also launched PAS 250 – the first minimum standard specification for low-level work platforms.

    Sponsoring PAS 250 involved working with the British Standards Institution and consulting with organisations including the Health & Safety Executive, Hire Association Europe and the UK Contractors Group. Its launch completed a three-step plan involving the release of a guidance DVD and the low-level PASMA training course.

    Important for both managers and users

    PASMA is a trade association for the mobile access tower industry representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers and users.

    http://gallery.mailchimp.com/6ec39ba95ce261d16ad0e8544/images/T3cropsmall.jpg?utm_source=Non+Feature+Media+Contacts+TW&utm_campaign=7f1079f031-Attention_PASMA_Training_Centres_8_2_2012&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9bcaafa1d5-7f1079f031-99893497The body delivers and oversees the industry standard training scheme and is a major publisher of safety-related knowledge, information and guidance.

    PASMA Director of Training, Stuart Hopkins, said:

    “As the fifth consecutive increase in training numbers, it demonstrates the importance that both managers and users attach to the benefits of PASMA training.

    Adding new safety-related training options and continuing our work as the voice of the tower industry will continue to promote this safety message in 2014.”

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