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    collapsecarparkInstitution of Structural Engineers publish decision making framework

    The Institution of Structural Engineers publication Risk in structural engineering Oct 2013 ISBN 978-1-906335-08-3, provides practical guidance on ‘risk in structural engineering’ by describing the types of risks that may affect structural engineering work and a decision-making framework for risk, taking account of legal principles, available guidance and research.

    The guidance is intended for structural engineers in all roles and in every type and size of organisation, not just designers.

    Risk in structural engineering (2013)It is intended to assist structural engineers to make educated, considered and explicit risk management assessments on all projects from the small-scale to the major and complex.

    The guidance is not limited to the design of new works but also highlights risks which occur throughout the life cycle of a building or structure.

    All risks which fall to structural engineers to manage are covered. Principally this means risks to the health or safety of workers and the public, and risks to serious environmental damage, where there are both legal and moral obligations to keep risks low.

    Significant cost and programme risks arising from structural engineering decisions are also covered.

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