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    Vehicles and pedestrians not able to move around the site safely

    Lincolnshire Field Products Ltd has been ordered to pay more than £200,000 in fines and costs after a manager died when he was struck by a forklift truck  as he walked across a site yard in October 2010.

    Lincoln Crown Court heard (3 January) that Peter Barney (aged 58) worked for the firm for 38 years and was making his way to a potato grading shed when he crossed the path of a forklift being driven by a farm employee. He died at the scene of the incident after being crushed by the vehicle.

    Safety consultants carried out a risk assessment in 2003 which highlighted the need for pedestrians and vehicles to be segregated. However, the court was told that the company did not fully implement these findings.

    Employees were allowed to park their cars in areas of the site resulting in drivers walking across the path of workplace vehicles when going to or from their cars. Some workers used the same entrance to the grading shed as the forklift truck.

    People and vehicles sharing the same space

    Lincolnshire Field Products Ltd, of Wool Hall Farm, Wykeham, Spalding, was fined a total of £165,000 and ordered to pay £39,500 in costs after pleading guilty to two breaches of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

    After the hearing, HSE Inspector Neil Ward said:

    “If Lincolnshire Field Products Ltd had taken effective steps to keep employees safe, Mr Barney would still be alive today.

    Employees on foot were using the same doorway as the forklift truck, which meant there was a significant risk of them being struck.

    The company should have managed the yard so that people and vehicles were not sharing the same space. Sadly, Mr Barney lost his life because this simple procedure wasn’t in place”


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