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    Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)Guide to RPE includes explanation of how HSE regulate compliance

    HSE has published three-part DVD to assist employers in the introduction management and use of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) in the workplace.

    The DVD content includes:

    • Protection – visual demonstration of how RPE can protect the wearer importance of getting a good fit and the consequences of not fitting or maintaining RPE;
    • Managing – introducing and managing RPE in the workplace including how a business coped with the introduction of RPE to protect their workers and how management went about achieving buy-in and cooperation from their employees to use RPE correctly. This is a real-life demonstration of HSE research on the key actions employers can take to get effective use of RPE by the workforce;
    • HSE Regulation – walk through of a typical HSE inspection focusing on RPE showing an HSE inspector’s use of observation and discussions with the employer and employees to establish whether the use of RPE is being managed properly

    Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)

    Turner Access Chipmunk Data
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