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    Keynote seminar highlights intention to remove project CDM-C role 

    On 5 December 2013 HSE Chair Judith Hackitt addressed a Westminster Legal Policy Forum and delivered the Keynote Seminar.

    Extracts are reproduced below regarding revision of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulatrions 2007 and Fee for Intervention. Full text of speech

    CDM Regulations Revision

    “2014 will also see us embark upon some changes to CDM as part of the guidance overhaul. It will not significantly change the technical standards which underpin the Regulations – they are not controversial and have stood the test of time. We are simply intending to streamline their delivery.

    The revision which we are preparing to consult upon is underpinned by four priorities:

    • simplify the package to make them easier to understand and comply with;
    • achieve satisfactory transposition of the parent Directive;
    • improve their accessibility for small sites; and
    • improve standards of worker protection through the above.

    Overall we believe that the revised package will deliver significant savings to businesses through the streamlining of processes and the removal of the CDM co-ordinator role will be much more accessible to those involved on small construction sites due to the simpler structure of the regulations. The production of guidance has the needs of small businesses at its heart to deliver satisfactory transposition of the parent Directive and improve worker protection.

    Current plans are for the revised Regulations to come into force in April 2015 and formal consultation is expected to start early in 2014.”

    Fee For Intervention

    “At the end of the sixth FFI invoice period taking us up to the end of September, the key stats are:

    • 14,917 invoices issued raising in the region of £8m;
    • average costs of a single invoice is £472;
    • queries raised to date 432 (156 about unreasonable time taken, 87 about incorrect duty holder and 67 about material breach);
    • as a result 33% of these invoices were amended;
    • there have been 13 level 1 disputes (involving line manager outside the decision making line) – 8 not upheld/3 upheld; and
    • there has been 1 level 2 dispute (involving an independent panel member) which was partially upheld 2014 and beyond”
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