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    NHBC offer new CITB accredited training for TW management

    Following a number of construction sector deaths and incidents related to ‘temporary works’ HSE has raised the priority it gives to temporary works management.

    In response the NHBC has introduced a new two day training course designed to assist those on site who have responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works.

    The course is also intended to ensure that senior management and those engaging with contractors are confident and have an ‘assessed’ standard of knowledge around the subject.

    The course is said to be suitable for experienced and competent Temporary Works Co-ordinator.

    Those attending will learn:

    • the need for temporary works co-ordination and the duties of a Temporary Works Co-ordinator;
    • understanding of the overall management context within which the TWC role fits; and
    • the process of the co-ordination of temporary works as outlined in BS5975.

    NHBC state that attendance on the course does not confer compentency as a Temporary Works Co-ordinator. Competency comes as a mixture of education, training and experience.

    However, training is considered an essential element of TWC competence.


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