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    Mobile access association hosts free-to-view events on best practice

    PASMA is a trade association for the mobile access tower industry representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers and users. 

    The association has announced a Tower Safety Week with programme of digital events from 11–15 November 2013. The free-to-view events will be broadcast each day starting at 11.00 and address various facets of tower safety and best practice.

    Following each broadcast an expert will be available to answer questions via the PASMA Twitter page. The broadcasts comprise:

    Day 1: An interview with HSE

    HSE will discuss the findings of this year’s Safer Sites initiative targeting the refurbishment, repair and maintenance sectors. An inspector will explain the main issues arising from these unannounced visits with particular reference to mobile access towers.

    Day 2: The diversity, advantages and potential of towers

    Highlighting the versatility of towers showcasing the many and varied applications for which towers are increasingly being used. For anyone responsible for selecting, supervising or using access equipment on site and in the workplace.

    Day 3: Looking after your tower

    Aluminium towers require some simple measures you can take to keep them in “tip-top condition”. This event explains the steps to take to keep them both productive and safe.

    Day 4: Setting the standard for podiums and pulpits

    There is now a long overdue standard for pulpits and podiums. Sponsored by PASMA, PAS 250 is a new product specification designed to protect users of low-level access equipment. Are you up to standard? Watch the event and find out.

    Day 5: Never used a tower before?

    This final event is a beginner’s guide to mobile access towers. What they are, how and when to use them.


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