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    Pedestrian involved in fatal fall into London construction site

    It has been reported by the London Evening Standard that two members of the public men have died after falling 20ft into a construction site when the site “hoardings gave way”.

    The opening into which the men fell is believed to be an uncovered roof light for a basement flat. London Ambulance Service said both were pronounced dead at the scene. 

    A close friend of one of the men told the Standard:

    “My friends were coming back from a night out and were talking on the pavement on Hampstead Road. They leant on some boards around the outside of a building site, the boards gave way and they fell down a hole on the construction site and died. We are just completely devastated.

    We were told there is CCTV footage of the incident taken from the building opposite. We hope they have enough to pursue a corporate manslaughter charge because what happened is outrageous. It is such a waste of life.”

    A Met police spokesman said:

    “Shortly before 2.30am on Saturday morning police were called to reports of two men seen fighting in Hampstead Road. Two men have fallen down into the basement area of a building site. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. Their deaths are being treated as unexplained.”

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