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    Eight road worker deaths in three years prompt HA campaign

    The Highways Agency is working with contractors to highlight the dangers to road workers through the National Safety Week commencing on 21st October 2013.

    Eight road workers have died in the last three years and over the last 12 months there have been 1747 incidents where road workers were injured whilst improving and maintaining the strategic road network in England. Wayne Norris, who leads on road worker safety in the Midlands for the Agency, said:

    “We are committed to eliminating all fatalities, serious injuries and long-term ill health to road workers maintaining our roads. Road workers do a difficult and dangerous job carrying out vital work to keep our roads safe and well-maintained. But they face danger every day while working close to fast moving traffic, in all weather conditions, and often at night.

    We realise road works can be frustrating, but we urge everyone to ask themselves if it’s really worth risking their own and other people’s lives just to save a few minutes on their journey.”

    Body cameras worn to encourage good behaviour  

    Neil Davison, HA Safety Manager said they were always looking for new initiatives to keep their workers safe and were about to roll out the latest technology – body cams – in the East Midlands.

    “Body-worn CCTV is the latest innovation to be adopted by A-one+ and has already been piloted in the north east of England.

    The aim is to reduce the likelihood of serious confrontations between road workers and some members of the public, who often feel aggrieved or frustrated by their journey being delayed by essential road maintenance.

    We hope the cameras will act as a deterrent and encourage people to modify their behaviour before it gets out of hand. They can also be used for the odd occasions when it is necessary for staff to attend incidents alone as an additional level of protection.”

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