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    Mobile cranes topple in both Putney and Royal Tunbridge Wells

    It has been reported by Local Guardian that a 28 tonne crane has come “within inches of killing a pedestrian” as the crane crashed to the ground in Oakhill Road, Putney. The crane jib tore through surrounding trees and damaged a lamp post and paving stones. A witness told the paper:

    “I just took a few steps forward, I heard shouting ‘watch out, watch out’. The end of the crane came crashing down right behind me. It took a few minutes to sink in. My life flashed before my eyes, if I was a few seconds later I would have been crushed. I could have died it was that close.”

    HSE has been alerted and is making enquiries. Building control officers from Wandsworth Council attended the scene following the crash to ensure the building was not dangerous. A council spokesman said:

    “Operational services arranged for and put in traffic management to close the road. They also re-fixed a lamp column near the site and will be carrying out repairs where paving was damaged.”

    Developers Concept Eight Architects Ltd were said to be unavailable for comment.

    Second incident at Royal Tunbridge Wells

    Meanwhile, it has been reported by Kent News that motorists were warned of major delays on the A21 near Tunbridge Wells after a mobile crane overturned on Tuesday 2oth August.

    The road was blocked between the A228 for Tunbridge Wells and A262 at Lamberhurst with long queues stretching in either direction.

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