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    Graphic images show miraculous escape for young site worker

    The Herald Sun has published graphic images of a construction worker impaled in the head by steel re-enforcing bar on a site in Melbourne, Australia.

    The “freak accident” occurred when the 19-year-old was clearing rubble with an excavator when the bar “snapped and drove into the cabin”. He was cut free from the excavator cabin before being transported to hospital. A witness said:

    “I heard him yelling out ‘help me, help me’. We all thought he was joking and holding a piece of metal up to his head. When I got closer I realised he had a re-bar (reinforcement bar) stuck dead-centre in his forehead.”

    The young man was conscious and speaking during the wait for the ambulance.

    “He seemed ok. I mean, he had a concerned look on his face but what do you expect. This is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen. Just a freak accident.”

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