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    Project team must be properly assembled at new Stage1

    IMPORTANT UPDATE (01.02.2015) – From 1st April 2015 the CDM-C role is abolished and the client must appoint a Principal Designer as “early as possible” in the design process. Click here for more information,

    The new RIBA Plan of Work 2013 was launched in May 2013 reflecting “the very best principles in contemporary building practice”.

    RIBA state that the original Plan of Work was conceived at a time when the regulatory framework for building design and construction, industry structures and procurement arrangements were simpler and more defined.

    The new plan responds to the UK Government Construction Strategy which called on RIBA to take a leading role in shaping a set of unified work stages suitable for use by all the members of the project team.

    RIBA President Angela Brady said:

    ‘This has been a meticulously detailed project which has delivered a brilliant solution to a once in a generation opportunity to update the industry’s process model and address key changes in areas such as procurement, town planning, sustainability, BIM and construction delivery. I encourage all architects to support the new plan which gives clarity to our role and clarity for our clients.’

    The new RIBA Plan of Work 2013 replaces the former A-L stages in the RIBA Outline Plan of Work 2007 with eight new numbered stages and eight task bars that replace the description of key tasks. Three of these task bars (procurement, programme and planning) can be customised via a new online tool.

    CDM Coordinator required at the outset 

    The CDM Regulations 2007 require construction project clients to appoint a Coordinator on notifiable projects. See above for IMPORTANT UPDATE CDM-Cordinator replaced by CDM Principle Designer

    Current HSE advice on the timing of Coordinator (now the PD) appointments states that “the principal designer should be appointed as early as possible in the design process, if practicable at the concept stage.”

    The new RIBA Plan of Work 2013 states that “assembling the project team” is required by new Stage 1 – Preparation and Brief .

    In addition the “health and safety strategy” should be developed during Stage 2 – Concept Design.

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