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    HSE warns firms to assess legionella risk from hot and cold water systems

    Businesses are being urged by HSE to do more to protect workers and members of the public from legionella risks. HSE issued (19 September) a Safety Notice targeting companies and organisations that “use hot and cold water systems for bathing and washing or in manufacturing processes”.

    The HSE legionella expert, Paul McDermott said:

    “Companies and businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure they’re doing all they can to protect workers and the public. While the numbers of people potentially affected by poorly maintained water systems and spa pools are likely to be smaller than poorly maintained cooling towers, there can still be fatal consequences. These can’t be ignored.

    The information and guidance on managing legionella risks is well-established and readily available. Control measures should be in place and under regular review. The safety notice is not asking employers to do anything more than they should be doing already.”

    HSE and local authorities are developing a range of initiatives to promote better control of legionella risks. These include compliance checks as a follow up to the safety notices where the impact of poorly managed legionella risks could be greatest.

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