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    HSE to implement Government commissioned report on regulation revocations

    The proposal to revoke the Construction (Head Protection) Regulations 1989 and the Notification of Conventional of Tower Cranes Regulations 2010 arises from recommendations contained in Professor Löfstedt’s report Reclaiming Health and Safety For All.

    Löfstedt’s report noted that the Head Protection Regulations largely replicate the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 which could be relied on to regulate the use of head protection on construction sites. The proposals make no changes to the Employment Act 1989 which exempts turban-wearing Sikhs from wearing head protection whilst on construction sites.

    HSE will emphasise that there will still be a requirement for employers to provide, and for workers to wear, head protection where there is a risk of head injury.

    Little effect on public risk perception 

    The Notification of Tower Crane Regulations 2010 were introduced following a series of incidents involving tower cranes in which eight people died. These incidents led to calls for further improvements in tower crane safety.

    The Löfstedt report noted that the Impact Assessment (IA) carried out predicted that the main benefit of a tower crane register would be “an increase in public assurance”. He suggested that a non-regulatory method should be explored to provide such assurance.

    HSE believe that revocation of the Regulations will:

    • have little effect on public perception of risk to their safety arising from the use of tower cranes;
    • not reduce safety standards required when erecting, using or dismantling tower cranes on construction sites;
    • remove a source of cost and burden on the industry. 

    HSE will continue working with industry to raise safety standards. There is now a comprehensive suite of guidance published by the Strategic Forum for Construction Plant Safety Group (PSG) and the Construction Plant-hire Association Tower Crane Interest Group (TCIG) which represent the interests for almost all tower crane companies in the UK including the UK Contractors Group.

    The guidance is well established and HSE Inspectors will continue to use it to check that the risks from tower cranes are being managed effectively.

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