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    Regulator online system fails to provide for anonymous reporting of concerns

    A new online system has been launched for reporting to HSE your ‘complaints’ and ‘concerns’ about construction site safety.

    The guidance indicates that HSE cannot deal with complaints about issues or employers where they have no jurisdiction.

    A further section helps you identify whether HSE is the correct enforcing authority.

    HSE state:

    “If you consider that your employer (or someone else’s) work activity is putting your safety at risk or damaging your health, then you should raise your concerns with that employer or person.

    If no improvement is made and your safety or health continues to be at risk, then you can report your complaint to the relevant enforcing authority and ask them to look into it.

    The website tells you how to report a complaint about workplace health and safety to HSE and how we will assess and if appropriate investigate it.


    The online reporting form does not allow for anonymous reporting of concerns.

    This is a pity and fails to make full use of the eyes and ears of those who take substantial measures to ensure safety on construction projects and often observe dangerous practices by others.

    HSE may rightly choose to give less credence to anonymous reports. However, not accepting online anonymous reports is shortsighted. 

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