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    Local Authorities to come under spotlight as CDM 2007 construction clients

    The HSE Plan for Construction during 2010/11 states that the safety regulator will “follow up with local authorities (LA’s) and their appointed CDM Co-ordinator whenever a notice is served on an LA project in relation to asbestos, welfare facilities or planning and management”.

    LA’s therefore need to be confident that they have systems in place, and followed, to secure compliance with client duties under the CDM Regulations 2007.

    Office of Government Commerce sets the standard

    HSE has also confirmed that it will be focusing on LA’s as client for significant refurbishment projects through “ensuring compliance with Office of Government Commerce (OGC) guidelines”.

    The relevant OGC standard is Achieving Excellence in Construction Procurement: Health and Safety Guide No.10


    Despite the current economic difficulties there will be substantial LA construction procurement during 2010/11. 

    The OGC Guide presents a demanding standard of procurement practice intended to secure risk management through design and effective project management. 

    Working towards the OGC Guide standard will also help avoid any conflict with HSE.  

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