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    Jury hears how 23 year old workman trapped by scissor grab

    An Inquest into the death of Steven Allen, of Keighley, has heard how he suffered fatal head injuries when he was trapped by a scissor grab on a construction site in Bradford during the building of a waste recycling plant.

    The site foreman told the inquest that Steven and his colleagues were “helping move a wooden pallet rack carrying bags of cement with a scissor grab machine when the grabber lifted the pallet and bags of cement and the cement blocks slid off onto the floor. Then Steve grabbed the pallet and the pallet dropped out and the jaws grabbed around his head.” The jury heard that a safety chain on the machine, which would have restricted how far the jaws would close, was broken.

    On the second day of the inquest the company Quality Environment Safety co-ordinator gave evidence that employees had not read a manual dictating how the machine should be used safely. The instruction manual prohibited use of the grab for tasksĀ other than lifting concrete blocks. HSE inspector Catherine Rimmer gave evidence that that a competence certificate for the grab operator was out of date. The inquest continues.

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