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    Assessment of HSE falls from vehicles campaign published  

    The HSE campaign on falls from vehicles has been assessed by researchers and the following conclusions and recommendations have now been published. The conclusions are:

    •  Awareness of the campaign was reasonable in terms of recall and recognition. There were lower awareness levels amongst drivers and better awareness levels amongst Fleet managers and those with HGVs;
    • Construction site managers where markedly affected by the campaign;
    • Risks of falls from vehicles awareness was raised but there was less impact on how to deal with the risk;
    • Views on responsibility and duty of care were influenced positively;
    • HSE was seen as an organisation from which to obtain information on vehicle safety and;
    • 50% of those aware of the campaign took practical action and half also planned to do so.

    The researchers also make the following recommendations:

    • Longer term attitudinal shift may be achieved by a further campaign, especially regarding purchasing and specification of vehicles;
    • Messages should be filtered through managers to a greater extent. Findings indicated that targeting managers could be more effective than targeting drivers and;
    • Vehicle fleet operators should be targeted although others, without fleets, should be reminded of their duty of care.
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